Planning Tips

They key to planning a Friend Sunday event is to get your church excited about inviting friends, neighbors, and co-workers to come to a special service.

Why should you get involved?

Eight out of ten people say they’d visit church if someone invited them! Participating in Friend Sunday gives you a special event to tell people about your church. You can also get low-cost invitations, banners, and ideas to help spread the word.


Need some ideas to share with church members? Try these:

  1. Ask people to think of three friends who don’t go to church.
  2. Ask people to spend one minute a day – each day this week - praying for those friends by name.
  3. Ask people to pray that God will give them the opportunity to invite these three people to church.


Step 1 – Add Your Church to the official Friend Sunday Roster

Step 2 – Get the Friend Sunday Church Kit. The kit contains helpful resources including an in-depth planning guide, customizable sermons, invitational / promotioanl videos, countdown video, web graphics, digital marketing guide, and more.

Step 3 – Get Your Church Ready. Did you know that people make the decision to come back to your church within the first five minutes of their visit? Make sure your greeting team is ready to welcome visitors and help them find the nursery, children’s ministry, and restroom. Do as much as you can to make sure visitors know they are welcome.

Step 4 – Show Church Members How to Invite Others. Sometimes people don’t ask others to come to church because they don’t know how. Give them insights on what to say and how to say it. Give them invite cards to hand to friends.

Step 5 – Invite People! Church members are inviting their friends and neighbors. But don’t forget that the church has neighbors too! Send invitations to homes and businesses in your community. Send postcard invitations, hang an outdoor banner, and send a press release to local media outlets. Let everyone know about Friend Sunday!

Step 6 – Plan to Follow Up with Visitors. Keep visitors coming back to your church by inviting them to a new sermon series. Tell them about your upcoming Easter services. Let them know about small group Bible studies. Need more ideas? We can help.