I Love My Church

I Love My Church

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Building a Stronger Church Through Community, Service, Giving and Sharing

Studies show that on average only 20% of church attendees regularly contribute and are involved in the ministry and leadership of their church, while the other 80% fill seats on Sunday but never experience the fullness of an active Christian life. Turn these statistics around in your church with the new I Love My Church! campaign and small group curriculum.Through this five-week sermon series, your church members will learn WHY God designed the Church and how, by being more than a pew sitter, they can grow spiritually and improve their quality of life while serving God and your church. The 5 Topics are:

  • Week 1 I Love My Church!
  • Week 2 Love in Community
  • Week 3 Love by Serving
  • Week 4 Love by Giving
  • Week 5 Love in Sharing
Launch the I Love My Church! campaign in your church and see more spiritual growth and greater church involvement and commitment! The Kit includes:
  • Campaign Planning Guide
  • Resource DVD with sermon bumpers, countdown clocks & promotional videos
  • 5 customizable Sermons
  • Web and social media graphics
  • Small Group DVD Study Kit with Leaders Guide & Participants Guide
  • Sample Invitation Tools
  • An I Love My Church! wristband
  • An I Love My Church T-shirt