Friend Sunday Missing Custom

Friend Sunday Missing Custom


$145.00 / 500 postcards
Call (800) 991-6011 to order


Direct mail postcards are the most efficient way to invite your community to church. These 8.5” x 5.5” postcards feature eye-catching graphics that are customized for your church - FREE. Plus the reverse-side includes full-color printing with your service times, map, logo and custom invitational message. Choose the Full-Service option and everything from the design and printing to the addressing and postal delivery is handled for you (just pay postage!), plus when you order 5000 or more you get 200 cards free!

Quantity Design & Print** Full Service
Postage Not Included
500 $145 $345
1,000 $195 $495
2,500 $295 $795
5,000 $495 $1,140
10,000 $595 $1,585
15,000 $795 $2,230
20,000 $995 $2,575

**Design & printing only includes free customization of an existing Outreach design or printing of your complete submitted artwork and two proofs. Full Service also includes: mailing list, addressing and delivery to your post office. Full service price shown for each card quantity may be rounded up to save space - Total price is correct amount you will pay. Postage not included. Complete custom design fee is $75 with two proofs.